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International Civil Aviation Day

Celebrating International Civil Aviation Day 2015 by understanding how far we have come, to know how much more we need to travel to keep everyone safe in sky above.  

Who failed in Crash of Flight IX-812? Part 2

Various factors defining the success or failure in a multi-crew operations depend on communication, situational awareness, problem solving, decision making, judgement, leadership – followership, stress management, critique and interpersonal skills [2, 3]. In this tragic accident flawed decision making affected good judgement, leading to deliberately compromised situational awareness, aggravated by self-imposed stress and perceived workload …

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Aviation Medicine Quiz – Hypoxia

Before we understand the basics about Hypoxia, please answer to the best of your knowledge and understanding the following questions pertaining to Hypoxia in aviation.

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Flying into thin Air: Understanding Hypoxia

Undoubtedly cabin pressurisation and oxygen systems have allowed unhindered aviation activities, with a caveat though – never to cross the altitude beyond the capabilities of the system on board. Thus, commercial aircraft fly maintaining a cabin pressure of 6000-8000 ft, and unpressurised small aircraft mostly operate below 10000 ft. Combat aircraft may have a higher …

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Flying into Thin Air: Neurological Effects of Hypoxia

The most important effects of hypoxia is on Central Nervous System (CNS) and vision. This insult to CNS which affects the performance in flight varies as per the altitude and the resulting stages of hypoxia. The effects are discussed as per the stages of hypoxia.

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Training the future Aerospace Physician

If one is asked to visualise the role of Aerospace Physician in emerging decades, especially in the Indian context, the need for redefining training is of foremost consequence to prepare the future practitioners who shall be armed with adequate knowledge, exploit the technology and actively apply the concept of holistic care.

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1911 in Aviation History – India and the World

Henri Pequet (1) flew the first official flight in India in Sommer (2) biplane, powered by 50 hp Gnôme engine, on 18 Feb 1911. This is the also the first recorded airmail flight (3). Pequet carried more than 6000 pieces of mail over a distance of 6 miles from Allahabad to Naini in Northern India.

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Aerotoxic Syndrome – A cause for concern?

On a flight in 2010, the aircrew – two pilots and five flight attendants, smelt a kind of dirty socks odour while boarding their flight. Not knowing about the source or cause of this foul odour, they undertook the flight. But on landing the entire crew and few passengers needed emergency medical care. Both the …

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The Birds come Flocking – Aero India 2011

The eighth edition of the biennial Bangalore air show, Aero India 2011, is upon us. This five day aerospace and aviation business show shall run from 09 to 13 Feb 11 in the aerospace capital of India. Close to 100 aircraft and related systems shall be on display, with 675 exhibitors participating from almost 45 …

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From Conviction to Conviction – An Eagle Reborn

This is the story of Captain Norman Lyle Prouse, who showed the moral courage on his conviction for “a common carrier under the influence of drugs or alcohol” to fight for his convictions in his personal battle against alcoholism and a lost job. This story is narrated here not solely as a personal triumph of …

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