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Safety of Aircrew and other Aviation personnel during COVID-19 Pandemic

While the larger aviation industry awaits abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic to take to the skies again, humanitarian and commercial repatriation flights continue. However, South-east Asia and the Americas continue to see rising numbers of new COVID-19 cases, and some other parts around the world where the spread of the disease was under control have …

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International Civil Aviation Day

Celebrating International Civil Aviation Day 2015 by understanding how far we have come, to know how much more we need to travel to keep everyone safe in sky above.  

Who failed in Crash of Flight IX-812? Part 2

Various factors defining the success or failure in a multi-crew operations depend on communication, situational awareness, problem solving, decision making, judgement, leadership – followership, stress management, critique and interpersonal skills [2, 3]. In this tragic accident flawed decision making affected good judgement, leading to deliberately compromised situational awareness, aggravated by self-imposed stress and perceived workload …

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Aviation Medicine Quiz – Hypoxia

Before we understand the basics about Hypoxia, please answer to the best of your knowledge and understanding the following questions pertaining to Hypoxia in aviation.

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Flying into thin Air: Understanding Hypoxia

Undoubtedly cabin pressurisation and oxygen systems have allowed unhindered aviation activities, with a caveat though – never to cross the altitude beyond the capabilities of the system on board. Thus, commercial aircraft fly maintaining a cabin pressure of 6000-8000 ft, and unpressurised small aircraft mostly operate below 10000 ft. Combat aircraft may have a higher …

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