Flouting Safety, Stymied DGCA and Bollywood!

A domestic commerical airliner in India has been recently found to have flouted flight safety norms almost four months back. The captain of the aircraft allowed a supernumerary pilot to undertake landing, when that pilot was neither qualified nor authorised for piloting duties! Indian DGCA recommended suspension of the concerned airline’s flight safety officer. The …

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Hire Av Med Specialists – DGCA. Are the Airlines Listening?

Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India in an Advisory Circular to all Indian operators of scheduled air transport services has recommended that they employ the services of Aviation Medicine Specialist. This has come as a fresh impetus on part of DGCA to prod the Airlines to ensure “effective maintenance and monitoring of health …

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Drunken Pilots, Unsafe Lives: Unfolding an Indian Story…

In a mockery to safety of fare paying passengers, couple of aircrew were found drunk while reporting for duty on new year eve. This included one first officer and three non-flying crew, employed by three of the private commercial airline companies in India [1].

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Airlines in Financial doldrums – Can Indian skies stay Safe?

After surveillance of airlines’ financial status, DGCA has surmised that poor financial outcome may affect the safety culture of the affected airlines [1].

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Training the future Aerospace Physician

If one is asked to visualise the role of Aerospace Physician in emerging decades, especially in the Indian context, the need for redefining training is of foremost consequence to prepare the future practitioners who shall be armed with adequate knowledge, exploit the technology and actively apply the concept of holistic care.

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Lost Sleep – Compromised Safety

One of the often neglected but vital predisposing physiological factors in aviation is sleep, rather lack of sleep. The commercial pilots are governed by their duty schedule and the military aviators have the uncertainties of the operational deployment to blame for the loss of sleep. Although there may be regulations and guidelines, including FDTL to …

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Unsafe Deceit – Air India extends Pilots’ duty hours

It is interesting to hear about Air India, with alleged concurrence of DGCA (since denied), ordering its pilots to continue flights beyond their mandated duty hours. This operational order, now being withdrawn, raises questions about arm twisting tactics of an organization already having had a tragic crash at Mangalore recently. Their Flight Safety department seems …

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Aviation Safety – Is the Future Bleak?

Is the future of Aviation Safety being compromised as the activity in the air is increasing rapidly each day?

The Road Ahead: IAM and Beyond…

Thoughts around the contribution being made by IAM at present and how it can play a big role towards ushering in a new era with expanding its wings (literally) and going beyond its current structure and lead India for a successful manned mission to space.

Alas! Only Small steps are taken in India: Civil Aviation Medicine

Civil aviation in India is booming  – a second airport is in offing in Mumbai; Mysore airport opened for commercial flights and more tier 2 cities are preparing to connect to the regional aviation hubs; and the airfare related war of words between the airlines and the government continues. But what does it bode for the …

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