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International Civil Aviation Day

Celebrating International Civil Aviation Day 2015 by understanding how far we have come, to know how much more we need to travel to keep everyone safe in sky above.  

Aerospace Medicine International – Collaborative Effort for Safer Skies

An association of like-minded practitioners of aerospace medicine amongst the Indian diaspora has come together to work towards aviation safety. It is ‘Aerospace Medicine International’ or AMI. AMI depends upon the spirit of volunteering and pooling of their respective expertise to work towards the following goals:- To support training, education, and research in the broad …

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Contrasting Outcomes in Multiteam Systems – Part 5

Lessons from the study – Selection and training of MTS aircrew The findings of Bienefeld and Grote’s study has implications for selection and training of crew to perform within and across teams for enhanced aviation safety [3]. The salient points were:- Selection of MTS aircrews is to be based on the leadership potential of the …

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Contrasting Outcomes in Multiteam Systems – Part 4

What does Bienefeld & Grote’s Study on Multiteam Systems (MTS) say? Bienefeld and Grote [3] conducted a study on 84 cockpit and cabin crews (n = 504), simulating an in-flight emergency in a high fidelity simulator with two-man cockpit and a fully furnished passenger cabin. Their aim was “to examine the effect of shared leadership …

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Contrasting Outcomes in Multiteam Systems – Part 3

Shared Leadership in Multiteam systems During an on board emergency, despite their differing roles and responsibilities, the crew work interdependently with the primary objective to protect and save lives of all passengers and crew on board, after the aircraft has landed safely. The shared goal of safety during the dynamic and stressful environment of an …

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Contrasting Outcomes in Multiteam Systems – Part 2

Air France Flight 358 – 02 August 2005 [2] What Happened? It was an Airbus A340-313, which departed Paris, France on a scheduled flight to Toronto, Ontario, Canada with 297 passengers and 12 crew members on board. Thunderstorms were forecasted at Toronto prior to its departure, and while approaching, the crew was advised of weather-related …

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Contrasting Outcomes in Multiteam Systems – Lessons from Air Canada 797 and Air France 358 accidents

In commercial aviation, there are two teams at work during flight: cockpit crew and cabin crew. The former being led by the captain who also has the overall responsibility of the flight, with the first officer/co-pilot as a member in the cockpit. The purser leads the flight attendants in the cabin. The formal leadership roles …

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Flouting Safety, Stymied DGCA and Bollywood!

A domestic commerical airliner in India has been recently found to have flouted flight safety norms almost four months back. The captain of the aircraft allowed a supernumerary pilot to undertake landing, when that pilot was neither qualified nor authorised for piloting duties! Indian DGCA recommended suspension of the concerned airline’s flight safety officer. The …

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Airlines in Financial doldrums – Can Indian skies stay Safe?

After surveillance of airlines’ financial status, DGCA has surmised that poor financial outcome may affect the safety culture of the affected airlines [1].

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Lyle Prouse’ Final Approach

This is the story of Lyle Prouse. He was the first airline pilot ever arrested and sent to prison for flying under the influence of alcohol. He was fired by his airline, stripped of his FAA licenses, tried, convicted, and sent to Federal prison. It had never occurred before… But in the end, Lyle retired honorably …

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