COVID-19 – Collective Need to address Mental Health concerns

COVID-19 surge doesn’t seem to be abating, what with another wave resurfacing while some of the affected countries are still struggling to contain the first wave itself. This prolongs the wait for the aviation sector to recommence operations, in turn delaying the return of pilots and other aviation personnel to work. The lingering financial insecurities and the changed lifestyles are definitely starting to show signs of frayed nerves, doubts about employment with dwindling cash reserves and mounting loan repayments while supporting oneself and the family. In such a scenario, all of us, irrespective of what walk of life we come from, are likely to be stressed out. This is the time to introspect, and if we find our mental reserves are running low, we need to seek help. Continue reading

COVID-19 – Peer Support: Ears to the Ground

We may all be finding ourselves burdened by the stresses of coping with day to day life during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. Several doubts may be swirling in our heads without an answer in sight. This may be leaving us emotionally exhausted facing the realities of the changed lives. Our financial strains may be giving us sleepless nights. We may feel strains in relationships with our immediate family members or friends. We may have stopped finding joys in life. There may be a foreboding sense of gloom under changed circumstances. We may feel overwhelmed by anything and everything happening within or around us. If such is our state of mind, we must consider seeking help from our peers. This is not to say that one cannot cope with the situations, instead it is a call for seeking timely support from the proven system of peer support during the prevailing adversities due to COVID-19. 

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COVID-19 – I’m Listening, Mate!

We all would have shared endless conversations during social interactions in person or on phone with our buddies or other near and dear ones. We may even reminisce about some of those times spent among friends or family, vividly recollecting the joie de vivre of those precious moments. Perhaps it is time once again for each of us to reconnect but in the context of impact of COVID-19 on our lives. This is especially important when there are uncertainties about jobs in the aviation sector along with its inherent financial insecurity among each of us. The idea is not to unload our personal worries, not that they ain’t important, but to look after others whom we consider dear. Continue reading

COVID-19 – I’ve Got your Back, Buddy!

The movie “Top Gun” has a memorable dialogue “You can by my wingman anytime”.  
                                             Indeed, in these stressful times of COVID-19, burdening us with the worries and concerns about the stresses of our daily lives with an uncertain future ahead, we are all in need of our wingman. Borrowing the concept from combat flying, it’s the wingman who has got the back of the lead aircraft, tells us that we could either be our buddies’ wingman, or if feeling low, ourselves be in need of a wingman. Either way, we need to look beyond ourselves in these bad weather days.

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COVID-19 – Coping with Stress

COVID-19 has stressed everyone around. Besides the fear of contracting the infection, it’s the contracting economy that remains a major concern. There are implications for those who have lost their jobs as also for those who are waiting to enter the aviation workforce, either to return back after compulsory grounding due to lockdowns and border closures or awaiting their chance with their newly acquired commercial licences in hand with literally nowhere to go. These bad weather days have not left anyone untouched in the aviation industry across the globe. The question is how does one cope with the uncertainties and the stress during these trying times.

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