The Last Frontier – Human Spaceflight Programme

It is the next logical step for our technologically advancing nation coming on its own that the Indian scientists aspire to explore the last frontier – Man in Space. The scientific know-how and the determination to prove itself amongst the exclusive manned space mission club is what spurs our space scientists to take up the challenge of the coming decade to launch our own men and women in space. Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) continuing success in proving its prowess in rocket launch technology and carrying commercial cargo into space logically gives the nation the confidence of its success in manned mission in space.  ISRO has already demonstrated this with Chandrayan-1, besides having made their intent known to launch manned missions as early as circa 2015-17.

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Alas! Only Small steps are taken in India: Civil Aviation Medicine

Civil aviation in India is booming  – a second airport is in offing in Mumbai; Mysore airport opened for commercial flights and more tier 2 cities are preparing to connect to the regional aviation hubs; and the airfare related war of words between the airlines and the government continues. But what does it bode for the practice of Civil Aviation Medicine in India, in terms of medical assessment of pilots, airport clinics, and airlines’ medical departments?

Couple of years back, when the Medical Evaluation Centers of the Indian Air Force were overwhelmed by requests for appointments from the aspirant pilots  for medical assessment, the third Centre was set up, besides DGCA granting approval to three corporate hospitals for undertaking initial Class I medical assessment. Such interim arrangements are small steps but too little, too late.

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These are exciting times: The boom in Indian Aviation

The Indian economy juggernaut rolls on, driving the sleepy industries of the country including the aviation – both commercial and industry. The boom in commercial aviation is evident for all to see, with the Indian Railways losing their passengers to the low cost aviation carriers, and the international airlines connecting more and more Indian cities with the rest of the developed world. Orders for aircraft are being placed and ex-pat pilots continue being hired by domestic carriers to cope with the shortfall of trained pilots in the country. Though these are worrying days too, what with the airfares skyrocketing!

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