About Us

  • AvMed.in is a collaborative outcome of professionals with common interest in Aviation Safety. This is promoted by a group of Aerospace Medicine specialists, with support from our peers in aviation fraternity, both from the military and civil background. We offer the burgeoning Indian Aviation community, especially the pilots, our services based on our stated belief of Living Healthy – Flying Safe for Happy Landings ALWAYS.
  • Our team of professionals have combined experience of more than fifty years of practice in the field of Aerospace Medicine and Aviation Safety to bring to our clientele, the pilots, the necessary information they need to take control of their personal health – for disease prevention, disease screening and lifestyle management.
  • We apply the basic principles of Occupational Health and Aviation Medicine, to further personal health for aviation safety and optimal performance. This is based on our in-house research based on Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and current advances in Clinical Aerospace Medicine. We believe in Aeromedical Decision Making (ADM) and utilize it to further the cause of performance without compromising aviation safety.
  • This portal,  your gateway to good health, aspires to attain its sole objective:  Live Healthy to Stay Longer in your coveted profession.
  • In addition, sheer quantum of our work and involvement in Aerospace Medicine, Human Factors and Aircraft Accident Investigation, allows our dedicated experienced team to offer training and consultation to the aviation and space industry.