COVID-19 – Leaving us Stressed

It seems a long time ago when we were living our dreams to achieve our goals in life: a career in aviation and an inherent stability, emotional and financial, that comes with a job, until COVID-19 hit us all. It continues to plague our lives. As for achieving our goals in life, when faced with any hindrance or obstacle, it causes stress. This is in response to any perceived or real impediment, leaving us feeling vulnerable. Basically, we feel stressed when the prevailing circumstances overwhelm our capabilities or resources to cope with it. The reference to capabilities or resources here are internal, where the mind perceives the adverse situation and the body responds, rather reacts to it. It may leave us feeling like an over-wound spring in a clock! Continue reading

COVID-19 – Feeling Blue

Feeling low, or depressed, may be a response to the prevailing life-stressors due to COVID-19, particularly the uncertainties about one’s employment as an effect of the downturn in the aviation industry, in turn our financial status. The stress may seem overwhelming at times, while at other times it may seem to linger in the back of our minds, leaving us feeling blue. The question is when to seek help: when we perceive stress or when it becomes overwhelming?

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COVID-19 – Stranded Pilots

COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of national and state borders, in turn bringing the commercial flights to a near halt. This has resulted in a countless number of pilots being grounded. Many airlines under severe financial constraints have either laid off or sent their staff on unpaid leave. This has resulted in each affected individual being hit by the uncertainties about their employment while under pressure to keep the hearth burning. Add to this, the social isolation of these stressful times has taken away the opportunities to meet others and share one’s thoughts and concerns, especially with friends and extended families. 

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Safety of Aircrew and other Aviation personnel during COVID-19 Pandemic

While the larger aviation industry awaits abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic to take to the skies again, humanitarian and commercial repatriation flights continue. However, South-east Asia and the Americas continue to see rising numbers of new COVID-19 cases, and some other parts around the world where the spread of the disease was under control have reported a second wave. During such testing times, the aviation personnel remain at risk of exposure to SARS-Cov-2, the corona virus, even during these times of limited aviation activities, while the economic compulsions and political pressures are pushing for opening the skies again. It is here that the onus of ensuring the safety of aviation personnel lies not solely on the aviation organisation and the exposed individual but requires a deliberative approach collectively.
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International Civil Aviation Day

Celebrating International Civil Aviation Day 2015 by understanding how far we have come, to know how much more we need to travel to keep everyone safe in sky above.