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Pilot Incapacitation: Debate on Assessment, 1% Rule etc.

Reuters reported on 15 February 2012 that the captain of a Czech Airlines plane collapsed and died in flight from Warsaw to Prague. The plane carrying 46 passengers made a safe landing with the co-pilot on controls [1]. In another case, a Qatar Airways captain passed away in October 2010 on a flight from Manila, …

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Flouting Safety, Stymied DGCA and Bollywood!

A domestic commerical airliner in India has been recently found to have flouted flight safety norms almost four months back. The captain of the aircraft allowed a supernumerary pilot to undertake landing, when that pilot was neither qualified nor authorised for piloting duties! Indian DGCA recommended suspension of the concerned airline’s flight safety officer. The …

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NVG: Why the Neck Pains?

An informal query on a professional forum whether helicopter pilots suffer from neck pain while using NVG (1), a small group chose to share their thoughts and concerns. Eight of the respondents affirmed that they had discomfort or pain, including disc prolapse and pressure on the nerves as reported by one pilot each. However, there …

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Lyle Prouse’ Final Approach

This is the story of Lyle Prouse. He was the first airline pilot ever arrested and sent to prison for flying under the influence of alcohol. He was fired by his airline, stripped of his FAA licenses, tried, convicted, and sent to Federal prison. It had never occurred before… But in the end, Lyle retired honorably …

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An Appeal for Safe Flying : BALPA on Tired Pilots