Drunken Pilots, Unsafe Lives: Unfolding an Indian Story…

In a mockery to safety of fare paying passengers, couple of aircrew were found drunk while reporting for duty on new year eve. This included one first officer and three non-flying crew, employed by three of the private commercial airline companies in India [1]. Continue reading

Airlines in Financial doldrums – Can Indian skies stay Safe?

After surveillance of airlines’ financial status, DGCA has surmised that poor financial outcome may affect the safety culture of the affected airlines [1]. Continue reading

NVG: Pain in the Neck!

Use of Night Vision Goggle (NVG) amongst helicopter aircrew is becoming a matter of concern [1]. On one hand, the pain in the neck is reportedly 29% amongst Australian helicopter aircrew [2], while it peaks to more than 90% Canadian Forces helicopter pilots with more than 150 hours of NVG flight [3]. Other likely causes of pain neck are “vibration, use of other helmet mounted devices, and cumulative flying hours” [1]. A back pain survey amongst Indian military helicopter pilots reportedly found neck being the second commonest site of pain, after the lower back [4]. Continue reading

Safe 2011 – Looking Back

The year gone past – 2011 – should be considered reasonably safe as per the statistics released by Aviation Safety Network [1].

It is heartening to note that third lowest number of fatalities (507, excluding 14 on ground) occurred due to a total of 28 fatal airline accidents, the second lowest number in aviation history since 1945 [1]. This year also marks the longest period of 79 days, as on 31 December 2011, without any fatal accident [2]. Interestingly since 2002, twelve days is the average number of days between two fatal airline accidents. Continue reading

Lyle Prouse’ Final Approach

This is the story of Lyle Prouse. He was the first airline pilot ever arrested and sent to prison for flying under the influence of alcohol. He was fired by his airline, stripped of his FAA licenses, tried, convicted, and sent to Federal prison. It had never occurred before…

But in the end, Lyle retired honorably as a 747 captain for the airline he’d so horribly embarrassed and disgraced.

Read this inspiring story of grit, determination and destiny…, in ‘Final Approach‘, in Lyle’s own words. 

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Lyle Prouse – A Profile