Category: Human Factors

Boeing and the Checklist

In 1930s, Boeing was successful in offering their Model 299 to the US Army Air Corps, winning against Martin’s Model 146 and Douglas’ DB-1 aircraft. On the fateful day of 30 October 1935, the aircraft stalled during climb after take off. The test flight crew consisted of Major Ployer Hill and Lieutenant Donald Putt, as pilot and …

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Teamwork – The essence of Safe Operations

Aviation is no more the domain of an ‘individual’ pilot. The commercial sector has multiple crew – both flight and cabin. The military operates in formations (and twin-cockpits too), where the pilots are physically separated, yet coordinate their flight to attain a common objective. The errors and accidents here result from individuals failing to perform …

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Alas! Only Small steps are taken in India: Civil Aviation Medicine

Civil aviation in India is booming  – a second airport is in offing in Mumbai; Mysore airport opened for commercial flights and more tier 2 cities are preparing to connect to the regional aviation hubs; and the airfare related war of words between the airlines and the government continues. But what does it bode for the …

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