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An Honest Admission – Standing up for Yourself

This is the fifth part by Lyle Prouse At my sentencing, the judge offered to let all three of us remain free pending appeals, since this was the first time this law had ever been applied and there were many complex legal issues. The other two opted to remain free. I told the judge I …

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“Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1)”

This is the sixth part by Lyle Prouse …I just came across yours (post) in which you say I “hung the other pilots out to dry,” and “was responsible for their welfare,” ad nauseum. Arrogance and grandiosity often get in the way of fact checking before spouting off, and you provide a great example of …

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Increasing Safety or Risking Lives – Airport Body Scanners

All this while, it has been the cabin- or the check-in luggage which is x-rayed as part of the airport security. But the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of USA intends to undertake whole body scanning of public traveling by air. The intent of using low density x-rays, delivered at high speed, both in front and …

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