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Pilot Training

  •, as pioneers in Aviation Medicine consultations in India, provides dedicated training programme for the pilots in basics of Human Factors and Aviation Physiology.
  • understand the strong need to sensitize the pilots about the ‘Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation’ for a long, unbroken fulfilling aviation career. Considering high investment in training and the career being rewarding only so long as one remains medically fit to fly, the emphasis on aeromedical training in not misplaced. Briefly, it is vital to understand that normal human beings operate in altered environment of aviation, which compromises their performance.
  • Each pilot needs to evolve an understanding about human physiology and psychology to understand their limits to expand their abilities to successfully cope with the stresses in the air.  In addition, there are external factors, which they shall face during their successful career in aviation, the weather – clouds, poor visibility, flying at night and effects of circadian rhythm on performance, and loss of situational awareness and disorientation. In addition, sleep-wake cycles, food and fatigue, inter-personal relationship etc. all may affect their performance.
  • delivers custom designed didactic training programmes in Aviation Medicine for pilot trainees and trained pilots at different locations in India.
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