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Cabin Crew Training

  • Considering that the primary role of air hostesses and stewards is to render assistance for the safety of the passengers, especially in case of an aircraft emergency or crash landing, can support airlines and cabin crew training academies in planning and delivering First Aid and Aviation Medicine training. This includes understanding the basic human physiology, rendering first aid and care of in-flight emergencies.
  • Moreover, with the unforeseen increase in the passenger traffic, with young and elderly traveling to be with their families in different parts of the world, more and more Indian carriers are flying to international destinations. It is here that well trained cabin crew can attend to unforeseen eventualities amongst the passangers with disease, disability or sickness. Cost of such training is a miniscule investment compared to diversion of a transcontinental flight for an emergency on board.
  • delivers custom designed didactic training programmes in Aviation Medicine for Cabin crew at different locations in India.
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