Welcome to the World of Aviation Medicine Consultation

AvMed.in provides its clientele, the pilots, with the necessary information they need. This may be related to their health, periodic medicals and lifestyle.

AvMed.in aims to guide you, the pilots and other aircrew,  based on the tenets of Aviation Medicine, to help you take control of your health – for disease prevention, disease screening and lifestyle management. AvMed.in utilises the basic principles of Occupational Health and Aviation Medicine, to provide a comprehensive personal advise to care for your personal health and well-being.

Guided by the practitioners with extensive experience in the field of Clinical Aviation Medicine, this portal is your gateway to good health, so that you Live Healthy to Stay Longer in your coveted profession.

AvMed.in, as pioneers in Aviation Medicine consultation in India, also provides dedicated training programme for the pilots, particularly the  trainees, in basics of Human Factors and Aviation Physiology.

AvMed.in also offers you Aviation and Space Medicine related consultancy services, both on-line and on-site.  So also, placement facilities are provided to the Airline medical departments and other Aerospace Organisations.