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Lifestyle Management

  • Lifestyle Management offers stress management and lifestyle improvement strategies, by combining the benefits of meditation, yoga, sports, diet and sleep hygiene. This is available for all those interested in taking control of their lives, particularly to get a grip at their fast paced life. also offers dedicated Psychological Counseling service at select locations in India, for those interested.
  • Lifestyle Management Strategies offers customised lifestyle management strategies to all those pilots, with temporary or permanent loss of flying license, who require short-/long term rehabilitation or care. Here, offers holistic approach to well-being. Bringing in practice of meditation and yoga for stress management; judicious mix of sports/physical activity, scientifically planned diet and sleep hygiene; and psychological counseling services, where required, are on offer to help pilot- patients cope with their disease/infirmity. This is to aid in their recovery and early re-flighting, where possible.
  • Lifestyle management related consultation is available online. For details, please contact us