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The Blog Spot (Aerospace Medicine & Safety Blog) intends to disseminate relevant and proven information for the larger benefit of the target readers: pilots, other aircrew, aerospace medicine specialists, aviation safety experts and aviation enthusiasts.

This Blog Spot includes information pertaining to occupational health, periodic medicals, lifestyle illnesses and wellness including lifestyle management. Interesting articles and information relevant to aviation or aviators is also to be shared with the readers.

The ultimate objective of this blog is to share scientific knowledge and available body of information for empowering the individual: the aircrew. This is to help them take control of their health – for disease prevention, disease screening and lifestyle management.

The readers of the Blog Spot must know that this blog does not intend to further any commercial interests or advertise for any products. The author(s) do not recommend any commercial products nor are they associated with any commercial activity of such a nature.

In case, any reader has any clarifications to seek or offer comments, please Contact Us.