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  • In case you wish to join us in our endeavour to promote and propagate healthy lifestyle for a satisfying aviation career, please contact us.
  • There are openings, both for paid and voluntary work, at You are requested to inform us your option and how you can contribute to propagating our beliefs and convictions of “Consultation for Living Healthy – Flying Safe for Happy Landings ALWAYS”.
  • We also welcome contributors on various Aviation & Aerospace Medicine, Human Factors & Safety, and such topics of interest. We request that your article be preferably 300-500 words long. You can paste your write-up at contact us. You may please also include a brief write-up about yourself, including your name, organisation and areas of interest.
  • reserves the right to publish your article after editing, subject to its scientific relevance and accuracy consistent with our policies on information dissemination on the internet.
  • We shall get in touch with you at the earliest.