Aerospace Medicine International – Collaborative Effort for Safer Skies

AMI LogoAn association of like-minded practitioners of aerospace medicine amongst the Indian diaspora has come together to work towards aviation safety. It is ‘Aerospace Medicine International’ or AMI.

AMI depends upon the spirit of volunteering and pooling of their respective expertise to work towards the following goals:-

  • To support training, education, and research in the broad discipline of Aerospace Medicine
  • To critically examine the standards and practice of Aerospace Medicine across geographical regions and suggest improvements
  • To educate aviators, medical practitioners, aviation related personnel and general public regarding issues that impact aerospace safety in their respective regions

With its focus on the developing world, starting with South Asia, AMI intends to work in the emerging aviation markets with a collaborative effort to promote and enhance health, wellbeing and safety of all those involved in, or affected by, aviation and space travel related activities.

Anyone and everyone involved and in aviation is welcome to join this novel effort. We need you on-board AMI to ensure safer aviation. If interested, please apply Online for Membership of AMI.

Fly Safe – always!

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